Climate Change

The 6th International Conference on the Impact of Climate Change: The adaptation and the attenuation

        Istanbul 14-17 November 2023

The Euro-Arab Union of Geomatics and the GeoSP-MAG  have the great honor to invite you to participate in The 6th International Conference on the Impact of Climate Change: The adaptation and the attenuation, which will be held in Istanbul, Turkey from 14-17 November 2023

Scientific Topics

Topic 1 /  Climate Change Impact on the Economic and Social structure

  • Agricultural field
  • Environment and tourism
  • Poverty and health
  • Displacement and migration
  • Security and social unrest

Topic 2 /  Climate Change Impact on the natural structure

  • Water and natural resources
  • Forestry
  • Sea, ocean and water bodies

– Topic 3 /  Climate Change Impact on infrastructure and urban planning

  • Sewage systems
  • Transport networks
  • Monuments and archaeological sites
  • Parks, parks and green areas

– Topic 4/ Energy and Climate change : Challenges and Perspectives

. Oil and Gas Impact on Climate Changes

. Industry Impact on Climate Change

. Legal and Economics in Changing World

Topic 5 / Geographic Applications and micro technology Role

  • Geographic applications
  • GIS and remote sensing
  • Space science and geographic information infrastructure
  • Drone uses
  • Nanotechnology
  • Geomorphometric applications

Abstracts are accepted with one of the following languages: English, Arabic or French and the deadline for accepting abstracts is 30-09-2023

Registration link

The deadline for accepting the abstracts of participation is 30-09-2023

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Email:  or

Fax-tel: 0021671245692; mob: 0021621912295; Whatsapp: 0033784809768

Participation fees

1- Researchers, academics and faculty members 350 Euros

2- Students / 300 Euros

3- Organizations, ministers, public and private institutions, farm companies:  450 Euros

Participant Privileges

– Lunch and coffee break

– Obtaining the conference portfolio and its publications

– Attending all scientific and training events

– Obtaining certificates of participation, appreciation and scientific publication