Smart Cities


The International Conference on Smart Cities and Urban Planning

26 to 28 October 2022

Invitation/The Euro-Arab Union of Geomatics and the GeoSP-MAG  have the great honor to invite you to participate in The International Conference on Smart Cities and Urban Planning, which  will be held in Istanbul, Turkey from 26 to 28 October 2022 public companies and research laboratories either for participation or for the presentation of papers (lectures) or posters.

Abstracts are accepted with one of the following languages: English, Arabic or French and the deadline for accepting abstracts is 30-08-2022.

Scientific Themes

The first axis / sustainable architecture

  • Green Architecture
  • Housing problems in cities
  • Urban transport problems
  • Integrated waste management in cities
  • Green and open areas
  • Preserving the urban heritage in cities
  • Problems of informal housing in cities
  • Overrun on agricultural areas in the suburbs and urban periphery
  • Air pollution in cities
  • The problem of usable water
  • Integrated transport and land use planning

The second axis / Urban development and sustainable development

– Planning and establishment of industrial cities

– Urban and rural settlement planning

– Urban environment and urban patterns and their impact on sustainable development

– Infrastructure and services and their impact on sustainable development

– Transport and communication systems in sustainable development

– Archaeological sites and their role in regional planning.

  – Legislation and its role in regional planning.

  – Sustainable future cities

The third axis/ Coastal City Management: Challenges and Solutions

  – Strategies, policies and legislation for the management of coastal cities and the marine environment.

– Economic, social and environmental development of coastal areas.

– Management and protection of the marine and coastal environment.

– The global trend of urbanization and its impact on cities and tourism and their competitiveness for sustainable growth

– Challenges in organizing urban areas to accommodate increasing population growth

The Fourth axis / smart cities in light of the current changes

01: Conceptual and theoretical framework for smart cities.

02: Socio-economic situation under the smart cities (smart e-commerce, smart governance, economic intelligence, smart investment, e-tourism, e-services, smart environment, smart information and communication services, crime and e-deviation …).

 03: Human development and smart education in the light of smart cities (e-learning, electronic translation, Arabic language and languages ​​…).

04: Architecture and GIS under smart cities.

05: Smart health care under smart cities (care for people with special needs …).

06: Decrees, Laws and International Politics through Smart Cities.

07: Prospecting smart cities through the experiences of some of the leading countries.

08: Strategies for planning and engineering smart cities in the world.

09: Intellectual vigilance and smart city industry in countries

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The deadline for accepting the abstracts of participation is 30-08-2022

Email: ,  or

Abstracts are accepted with one of the following languages: English, Arabic or French and the deadline for accepting abstracts is 30-08-2022

Participation fees

1- Researchers, academics and faculty members 350 Euros

2- Students / 300 Euros

3- Organizations, ministers, public and private institutions, farm companies:  450 Euros

 Participant Privileges

– Lunch and coffee break

– Obtaining the conference portfolio and its publications

– Attending all scientific and training events

– Obtaining certificates of participation, appreciation and scientific publication