Smart Cities


International Conference on Smart Cities and Urban Planning

Istanbul 16-18 November 2021

Scientific themes

The first axis / sustainable architecture

  • Green Architecture
  • Housing problems in cities
  • Urban transport problems
  • Integrated waste management in cities
  • Green and open areas
  • Preserving the urban heritage in cities
  • Problems of informal housing in cities
  • Overrun on agricultural areas in the suburbs and urban periphery
  • Air pollution in cities
  • The problem of usable water
  • Integrated transport and land use planning

The second axis / urban development and sustainable development

– Planning and establishment of industrial cities

– Urban and rural settlement planning

– Urban environment and urban patterns and their impact on sustainable development

– Infrastructure and services and their impact on sustainable development

– Transport and communication systems in sustainable development

– Archaeological sites and their role in regional planning.

  – Legislation and its role in regional planning.

  – Sustainable future cities

Theme III: Coastal City Management: Challenges and Solutions

  – Strategies, policies and legislation for the management of coastal cities and the marine environment.

– Economic, social and environmental development of coastal areas.

  – Management and protection of the marine and coastal environment.

– The global trend of urbanization and its impact on cities and tourism and their competitiveness for sustainable growth

– Challenges in organizing urban areas to accommodate increasing population growth

Fourth axis / smart cities in light of the current changes

01: Conceptual and theoretical framework for smart cities.

02: Socio-economic situation under the smart cities (smart e-commerce, smart governance, economic intelligence, smart investment, e-tourism, e-services, smart environment, smart information and communication services, crime and e-deviation …).

 03: Human development and smart education in the light of smart cities (e-learning, electronic translation, Arabic language and languages ​​…).

04: Architecture and GIS under smart cities.

05: Smart health care under smart cities (care for people with special needs …).

06: Decrees, Laws and International Politics through Smart Cities.

07: Prospecting smart cities through the experiences of some of the leading countries.

08: Strategies for planning and engineering smart cities in the world.

09: Intellectual vigilance and smart city industry in countries

Participation fees

1-   Researchers, academics, graduated students and faculty members 350 Euros or its equivalent

2-    Participation with a work paper or a poster: 350 Euros

3-   Presence: 350 Euros

4 – Students 275 Euros

Participation includes

  • Access to all activities
  • Publication of the research after
  • Coffee break
  • Symposium case
  • Certificate of participation

Important deadlines

Sending abstracts: 20/ 08/ 2021

Complete works:  20 /08/ 2021

Powerpoint presentations: 20/10/ 2021

Posters: 15 /10/ 20


Arabic, French or  English

Accommodation and the symposium hotel

The symposium and the accommodation of participants will take place in one of Istanbul’s hotels


  • Adresse : 112, Rue Radhia Haddad. 1001 Tunis. Tunisie
  • E mail:
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