water & desertification

Scientific themes of the international symposium on water & desertification

The first themes: water resources and desertification and agricultural techniques water resources

–         Surface and groundwater

–         Water management

–         Water harvesting

–         Water recycling

–         New irrigation techniques

–         Aquatic therapy

–         Water security

–         International conventions and agreements relative to the field of water

–         Water conflicts in regional and global scale

Desertification and the desert

–         Combating desertification

–         Desert areas development

–         Desert geology

–         Regional and international cooperation in the field of desertification

–         Different techniques of desertification modeling

Agricultural techniques in arid and semi-arid regions

–         Plantation in arid and semi-arid areas

–         Plant diversity

–         Anti-drought harvest

–         Agricultural methods in arid and semi-arid regions

–         Role of scientific research in finding solutions for agriculture in vulnerable regions

–         Food security

–         Latest techniques and discoveries in the field of agriculture

–         Use of remote sensing in water irrigation optimization

The role of Geospace and GIS in research and finding solutions for water, agricultural and desertification problems

–         Geospace technologies

–         GIS publications

–         Use of remote sensing in water resources management

Second theme :  Energy and energy security

– New and renewable energy.
– Waste recycling in generating energy.
– Arab integration in Energy field.
– Water desalination and sweetening for seas and oceans and new treating methods.
– The future of new and renewable energy in the Arab countries.
– The economics of the production of new and renewable energy.

_Thermal water and its uses

Third theme :  Water and food security in the Arab world

Arab water security
-The future of water security in the Arab world.
– Transboundary water and its problems.
– Transgressions and stealing of the Arab water resources
– Wastewater Treatment (gray) “Industrial Wastewater and sewage water”.
– Ways of developing Arab water resources.
– Economics of extraction and water usage.
   Arab food security
– Arab food security system (production, consumption, trade per capita).
– Arab food gap and the future of reducing this Arab food gap (oils, sugar, meat, grain and legumes).
– Intra-Arab trade in the field of food commodities.
– Arab-Arab trade and its impact on reducing the food gap.
– Arab integration strategies in the field of food security.
– Land reclamation projects and the exploitation of the available land.
– Horizontal and vertical expansion.
– The role of the industrialization of agriculture and food preservation.
– Concentrating on the livestock and poultry.
– Agricultural Extension and its role in rural development.
– Aquaculture.
 Fourth theme :  Climatic and environmental changes
– The impact of climatic and environmental changes on the future of the food security.
– The impact of climate change on water resources availability.
– Climate Change and the future of energy in world .
– Climatic and environmental changes and their effects on coastal cities.

Fifth theme:  International conventions and local laws on energy and water resources and the environment

  • Exploitation of water resources
  • Valleys and rivers
  • Desertification and desert
  • Environment and Climate Change
  • Energy and energy extraction

Participation fees

1-   Researchers, academics, graduated students and faculty members 350 Euros or its equivalent

2-    Participation with a work paper or a poster: 350 Euros

3-   Presence: 350 Euros

4 – Students 275 Euros

  Participation includes

  • Access to all activities
  • Publication of the research after
  • Coffee break
  • Symposium case
  • Certificate of participation

Important deadlines

Sending abstracts: 20/ 08/ 2021

Complete works:  20 /10/ 2021

Powerpoint presentations: 20/10/ 2021

Posters: 15 /10/ 20


Arabic, French or  English

Accommodation and the symposium hotel

The symposium and the accommodation of participants will take place in one of Istanbul’s hotels


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